What is Contact Harald?

Contact Harald is a contact tracing system which uses Bluetooth technology to quickly and accurately identify and contact those people who have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case. Contact Harald relies on both hardware and software for it to function. Both of these components are supplied to the purchaser. There is no app to download or special infrastructure required.

How does it work?

Contact Harald is a contact tracing system that uses Bluetooth-enabled tracing cards (worn on a lanyard) for people moving about within a defined area such as a building. Each person issued a Harald Card consents to provide their name and contact details (mobile phone number and email address). These details are stored on a secure, encrypted database – not on the card itself. A close contact is registered when two or more people wearing the Harald Card come within 2 metres (6 feet) of each other for a minimum period of 2 minutes. This contact data is downloaded from the cards to the encrypted database.

What happens if someone has COVID-19?

If a person in the building is diagnosed with COVID-19, the administrator of the Contact Harald system within the facility interrogates the secure database to find which cards have come into close contact with the infected person’s card. These contacts are alerted by the administrator via SMS text message or email directly from the database.

Does the Harald Card run on batteries? Are you given a warning when the battery charge is low?

Yes, Harald Cards do use batteries. Battery life is at least 6 months. The card will issue a warning when the battery is low.

What happens to the data if you lose a Harald Card or someone accidentally goes home with one?

Once contact data from the Harald Card is uploaded to the secure database it can only be accessed by the facility’s nominated administrator. No personal data is stored on the Harald Card.

If we need more Harald Cards how do we get them?

Please order extra cards by emailing: askch@contactharald.com

How do you clean Contact Harald Cards between users, especially visitors?

The cards can be cleaned by simply wiping with an alcohol swab. They are not suitable for autoclaving.

Can you export the report to another system within the facility?

Depending on each facility’s needs and subject to privacy requirements, Contact Harald can be integrated with another system.

Can tracking information be shared with other institutions (e.g. hospitals, health departments, etc)?

Yes. Subject to any privacy requirements, the facility can share data with other institutions using potentially anonymised data.

Is Contact Harald available now?

Yes, it is available now.

Who else is using it?

Contact Harald was developed for various settings including healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, educational institutions and the office environment. It has been successfully trialled in some of these settings.

Why not a mobile phone app instead?

There are limitations with using a mobile phone app for contact tracing purposes. These include: reliance on the user to download the app and for a significant proportion of the population to have the app downloaded; requirement for the app to always be running in the background in order to capture data; and some older people (most at risk of COVID-19 infection) do not have mobile phones.

What does it cost?

Price is dependent on the number of Harald Cards required. Software licensing is included in the price of the card. Please email askch@contactharald.com to discuss pricing for your organisation.

How long does it take to install?

There is no installation of software or hardware required. Everything that is required for set up is contained in a box with a Quick Start guide to enable organisations to be using Contact Harald rapidly.

How do you capture visitor details? What process should we use?

Visitor registration is easy and quick. When visitors arrive at your facility, they are asked to provide their name and contact details. These are registered against the Harald Card issued to them however these details are stored securely on an encrypted database. The Harald Card does not store personal information. Once registered, visitors wear the Harald Card on a lanyard and can move around the facility.

Who is given access to the database?

Authorised users only, based on permissions. There is one Super Admin who can create permissions for different levels of access. As an example one user may be able to lookup personal data, while another user can only enter data and can’t see personal information.

How do you guarantee the privacy of the data being stored?

Data is stored in a secure. encrypted database. No personal data are stored on the Harald Card itself. Any contact data stored on the card is automatically deleted after 20 days. To further increase privacy, only authorised users at the facility can access personal data on the database. The developer of Contact Harald does not have access to personal information on the database.

What sets Contact Harald apart from other contact tracing methods in use?

Contact Harald offers several advantages over other contact tracing methodologies through its: Accuracy. Contact Harald is a technological solution which removes the current reliance on incomplete or inaccurate patient memory. Accessibility. The easy-to-use Contact Harald database from which the facility can directly communicate with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 saves time and reduces staff workload by doing away with manual tracing methods such as examining appointment books and searching for contact details. Speed. The Contact Harald system can be deployed rapidly within a facility as there is nothing to download, no hardware to purchase or no need for changes to current infrastructure. Value. Contact Harald is very cost-effective, not only from a pricing point of view but, more importantly, by doing away with slow manual tracing processes and freeing up time, staff can focus on their core tasks and responsibilities.

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