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Quick Register is a method of pre-filling user information in the registration page of the Visitor-log app by only entering a partial phone number. This can save a lot of time when registering a lot of cards and also avoiding transcription errors during data entry.


Process - Part 1

First, you need to create a .xlxs file with First Name, Last Name, Phone number, Email address (optional), and QR code (optional if you are pre allocating cards).


Don't forget the header row and to use the correct formatting.

Once the file has been created, upload the file to the database via the web app. Do this by clicking here on Setup and then Quick Register. Press Choose File, select the file and press Upload.

Process - Part 2

From the Visitor-log dashboard on your tablet, tap Setting, enter your password and tap Validate.


Now, scroll down to Quick Register List and tap Download List. Wait for the confirmation and press OK.


Your list has now been loaded into your tablet.


NOTE: If you do this again with another list, the previous lists data will be totally replaced by the new list.


Tap the Back button at the top left.

You are now ready to use the Quick Register feature.

From the Visitor-log dashboard on your tablet tap Register or Check in.


Start typing a phone number in the phone number entry box. When a unique match is found, a ding will sound and the proposed pre-fill data will appear in red above each entry box.


If this is the required data, press in the blank space in any other box than the phone number. The pre-fill data will now populate in entry boxes.

You can now press Save Profile and continue with the registration process.


Further questions?

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