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Fast Register


How to set fast register mode



Fast Register is a streamlined way to quickly register multiple cards. It automatically bypasses the Entry Questions regardless of the Skip Entry Questions setting and removes a number of the button presses of the regular registration process. There are two Fast Register modes, Fast or Fast with PII. Fast with PII can be used in conjunction with Quick Register or you can manually enter PII (Personally identifiable information). Fast mode does not accept any PII and users will only be identified in the Contact Harald database by their cards unique QR code.


How to set fast register mode

From the Visitor-log dashboard, tap Settings at the top right. Enter in your password and tap Validate.


Scroll down to Registration Mode and set Registration Mode to Fast. Tap the back button at the top left.


From the dashboard you can see here that you are now in Fast Register mode. Tap the Register button, you are taken directly to Scan QR code.


Scan your cards QR code, you can see that once the QR code has been picked up by the tablet you are asked to click the button on the front of the card.


Turn the card over and you will see a blue LED blinking. The card will start scanning, connect to the tablet and registration is complete.


Scan another cards QR code or press the back button at the top left to end the process.


NOTE: To disable Fast or Fast PII mode, enter the Settings menu again and set the registration mode to Full.


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