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If you have purchased the Gateway, mini Gateway or QR API, you will now have access to be able to configure a location or trigger beacon. Beacons are tiny devices that are placed in specific locations which can then be seen by Contact Harald cards to perform special functions.


Location Beacons

Location beacons are used to tell the cards if they are in range of a location beacon at a particular time. This information is used to identify if an infected person has been in a room for example, and then can be cross checked with other users who were in the same room at the same time and for how long. For the QR API, location beacons can be placed facility wide or at entry/exit points to detect if a user is in or out of the building without identifying their exact location.


Trigger Beacons

Trigger beacons are used in conjunction with Gateways or mini gateways. When a card is in range of a trigger beacon it primes the card to be ready to connect to the gateway as the user approaches the gateway range. Trigger beacons are typically placed at the approach to a gateway and at the gateway.

Setting up a beacon

Step 1

Remove the base of the beacon by unscrewing the base of the beacon. Note the location of the button between the battery holder and the beacon housing.

Step 2

From the Visitor-log dashboard, tap the Setting button at the top right. Enter your password and tap Validate. Once in the setting menu, scroll down to Setup a Beacon and press Setup


(Click image to zoom in)

Step 3

In the Beacon Configuration page, enter a name for the beacon. This name will be registered in the secure database. Select the type of beacon, location or trigger.


NOTE: Storage beacons are not currently supported. Set the Tx Level (The transmit strength). +4 dbm gives a range of approximately 8 meters whereas -40 dbm is only a few centimeters. Typically, this is usually set to +4 or 0 depending on the application. Once set, tap the Configure button.


Click the beacons button once, turn the beacon over and see that a blue LED is blinking. The beacon will start to scan and will be registered by the app.


(Click image to zoom in)


Beacon Battery

It is recommended that the beacon’s batteries are replaced every two years. Remove the base of the beacon by unscrewing the base in an anticlockwise direction. Remove and replace the batteries.


Before replacing the base, follow the “Setting up a beacon” procedure and give the beacon the same name, type and Tx level. Continue to follow the process. Once done, replace the beacon base by screwing the base back on in a clockwise direction. Place the beacon back in its original location.


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